Inspiration in Isolation

Sometimes we have to go through difficult times to make us stronger, and sometimes things happen which are blessings in disguise as they set us free for new opportunities, which I’ve found myself – through blogging! 2020 may have not been the new year or start to the new decade as we all wished for but hopefully it’s given us time to stop, reflect, slow down our pace of life & realise what’s important to us…

Leaping through lockdown
With puzzles, downward dogs and werewolf friends whilst resembling a potato and figuring out the lawnmower…!

There’s a rumour going round that if you’re not doing something with your time in lockdown then you’ve wasted it & not achieved anything – forget those rumours.. like I mentioned in my first blog, please don’t compare yourself to others – It’s all about self-care during this difficult situation, just taking time for yourself is OKAY!!   I, however wanted to share some of the things that I’ve been up to in lockdown which might inspire others to try, here’s my top 10…

Venturing into Virtual
Is the virtual world the new normal?

Everything seems to be virtual at the moment, so the question is, when lockdown is over – will the Virtual world become the new normal? I decided to take a look at some areas of the virtual world, what the pros and cons are and whether they are likely to continue after lockdown… it will be interesting to hear your thoughts and whether you agree?

Mind over Matter

The whole point of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ is to make more people aware that it is okay to struggle with mental health issues, whether that is in the form of anxiety or depression and actually that it is quite normal! The more we talk about it, the more we can help each other. I want to share some of my top tips that help me and hopefully can help you too.

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