Inspiration in Isolation

What an unusual, unsettling & uncertain time it has been for all of us…

Its been over a month since the UK and the rest of the world were forced into lockdown, to stay at home, to keep us safe from the virus that no-one saw coming – COVID-19. Never before in history have we felt so isolated from each other, yet at the same time united as we are all going through this together and without realising – creating history in the making!

I think we can all safely say it has been one of the toughest times we have had to endure and as people start to get itchy feet on how long this will go on for, I’ve surprised myself by actually becoming more relaxed the longer I’m in lockdown & are now fully settled into isolation life. I decided to write a blog to share my thoughts in the hope that – if at least one person reads this, more importantly, if at least one person feels some hope or a little brighter after reading it then it will be worthwhile.

Sometimes we have to go through difficult times to make us stronger, and sometimes things happen which are blessings in disguise as they set us free for new opportunities, which I’ve found myself – through blogging! 2020 may have not been the new year or start to the new decade as we all wished for but hopefully it’s given us time to stop, reflect, slow down our pace of life & realise what’s important to us… not to take simple pleasures for granted like seeing our loved ones, the freedom to travel, catching up with a friend over coffee, dining at the local pub on a Friday night, going to the gym or simply; a hug.

Literally getting through the day is an achievement in itself at the moment, its nothing we’ve experienced before so remember not to compare yourself to others, as long as you have your health (and I hope you do) that’s all that matters. You may have had it harder than others & lost loved ones during this time, which if that’s the case, my thoughts go out to you… or you may be a key worker in which you are a hero during this time & I thank you! Just make sure you do what feels right for you, anything that makes you feel a little happier, brighter to get you through each day is the best way forward & keep looking for the rainbows; a sign of hope.

I will be sharing some of the things I’ve been doing during lockdown in my next blog and I’d love to hear what you have been doing to keep sane during this crazy time! Perhaps you have managed the balancing act of looking after your kids whilst working… maybe discovered a new love of gardening, re-watched an old favourite TV series or read the Harry Potter books front to back?! Perhaps you have found something new in your home town that you hadn’t noticed before whilst out for your daily walk?

What stories do you have to share of your time in lockdown ?

What inspiration in isolation have you found?

If you have found this a valuable read, make sure you forward it on to someone else who may also benefit from it : )

7 thoughts on “Inspiration in Isolation

  1. Loving your blog Nam! So positive and inspirational, I need to take some of your energy. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to in lockdown. X

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  2. Hi Nam. Great to see your positivity in such scary times. So, here’s to you! Has It’s said “onwards and upwards.”😷💖💖💖


  3. Hi Naomi, I’ve just come across your blog from the WordPress Reader. Enjoyed having a read, very motivating, and looking forward to future posts 🙂 Cara x

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